Firstly – Some Masala


Who is behind The Spicy Brain?

When I was younger, my grandma used to caution me that if I ate too many spicy foods that I would be a hot-tempered, emotionally wrung-out mess. Apparently, what one ate had such a strong effect on the body that it would drastically affect the anxiety, excitement and passion level of the individual. And according to my grandma, the worst thing a woman could do was let herself revel in the throes of her silly emotional whims.

I, of course, scoffed at such a superstition and continued on with my addiction to extra spicy anything and everything. I added chilli flakes and chilli oil to everything, challenged myself to a new spice level every time I ate wings, and burnt off half my taste buds.

But now observing what science has to say about nutrition and temperament, I feel that I hadn’t given my grandma enough credit. So much of science says that what one eats has inevitable and long-term effects on the body, the mind, and the spirit. And even on top of that, the truth is that I am an extremely passionate individual with the emotional peaks of an overly melodramatic Bollywood film. So I think my Grandma offered some truth in her sentiments.

However I still need a little convincing that being this emotional and passionate is a negative trait and in fact, I believe that when supplemented with some meditation, some therapy and a lot of self-given slaps, I have honed my intensity into something of value. When I rant to my friends, or meet new people or do comedy/improv or present on topics or a myriad of other things, I tend to do pretty uniquely well.

My dating life is a completely different story but whose life is perfect anyway? In this little blog, I will attempt to use some of the things I’ve learned over the years, being this hot-tempered individual learning to adapt to a very cool world.


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