How do you write an honest, authentic, complete biography of yourself?

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A small foreword: I’ve been tasked to write an autobiography a lot, lately. I found that it’s rather difficult to write about yourself without sounding boring, self-obsessed or inauthentic. It’s important to me that any autobiography or description I write needs to be realistic, authentic and interesting. Here, I’ve written out a short autobiography that I hope accomplishes my goal.

I am an up-and-coming PR and communications professional. I was born in Chennai, India in March.  I lived in three countries before I moved to Canada with my family.

As it is often with immigrant children, things were difficult in elementary and high school. I was bullied by my peers and it was difficult to find my tribe. I spent many hours of recess and lunch reading my books and listening to music alone. This affected my mental health severely, as I was naturally a very outgoing child.

Then, I found musical theatre. This changed my life by improving my confidence and through meeting similarly-spirited peers. I made friends, earned good grades and was able to regain happiness and joy.

In 2010 I graduated from high school and started a business program at Ryerson University, majoring in marketing management.

The program was decent and taught me a lot, but paled in comparison to an experience I undertook in my third year: an exchange semester in Lille, France. The semester further bolstered my confidence, as it was the first time I lived independently. I was able to practice my French and enjoyed the experience overall.

Upon graduating, I found a job in a sales company. At first, the job seemed fantastic: in a very fancy building downtown, with a great pay and sophisticated colleagues. However, it turned out to be a toxic working environment where employment essentially bullied employees to make as much profit as possible with little regard to ethical considerations. After spending close to two years in the role and making a lot of money, I quit the job and started working at a nonprofit as a program assistant.

It was this role, which consisted of assisting six social workers with their elderly clients that made me realize I enjoy working in this sector. The role encompassed a lot of aspects of communications and internal relations, which I performed well in. I had always been interested in the public relations and communications space, and so decided to apply for Seneca’s Public Relations, Corporate Communications program. When I was offered the role, I was delighted to accept.

I am currently in the second semester of the program and enjoying it tremendously.  I hope to learn and achieve a lot more before the completion of the program. I live in Rouge Hill with my parents.


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