Who am I? I’m S! I’m a 5’2 Indo-Canadian spice bundle. I am a slightly goofy and silly energetic lady.

I love comedy, digital marking and online innovations and social justice.  I enjoy improv, acting, writing and pursue these on the side. (The side-side though, definitely not my main hustle.)

I love animals and haven’t eaten meat in about 8 years.

I’ve been told many times I have a very unique and different energy. I’m super extroverted with a sensitive side.

I absolutely love and am obsessed with good food. (Favourites: Thai, Indian, Mexican – in that order)

I’m passionate about the history of the earth, dinosaurs, our universe.

Sometimes when I feel down, I love to watch the Cosmos by Neil Degrasse Tyson. Something about realizing how impossibly minuscule we are in this ever expanding universe makes me feel….much better.

Sure, we might live all live in climate-controlled domes 100 years from now, but …we’re all tiny pieces of shit on a rotating rock. So might as well enjoy life, right?

If you’re into weak collapsing facial muscles, yes, those are indeed dimples.

I spend a lot of time thinking about mental health, animal welfare, our ever expanding universe, sadness, happiness, lust, love.

I’m putting my heartfelt thoughts out there and I welcome yours. Any feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated. The golden rule does apply, though, and I reserve the right to delete any offensive comments. However, we can indeed agree to disagree – let’s just be thoughtful about it.

Oh, and all content is my own. Any images I use are always copyright-free and open to public use.